Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Other Glasses

As you may have noticed I have one page dedicated to book glasses, and if you have read my little bio then you know the reason behind this is that I have a very bad obsession with books they're like my drug. This page though will be dedicated to every other kind of glass that doesn't fit into a category

Below are a few pictures of what my product will be like.

From left to right:
Pink and White: "Beer for you, and the whiskey too, but this wine well it's all mine."
Purple and Red:  "A drink a day will keep the nerves at bay."
Yellow and Gold: "Don't worry, be happy."
Blue and Green:"Keep calm and drink a martini."
Green and Silver: "This glass is the only thing keeping me from kicking your ass right now."
Purple/Green and Blue: "Say what you want about this glass, but it's getting more action than you."

 Left- this was just a fun one I decided to make
Right- It's an I love Lucy glass I made for my mom for mothers day 2014

I'm also working on a few other Lucy ones and one that will go with my book blog.

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